MacOS Ventura: Memo Recorder Keyboard plays wrong instrument

When I search for a preset in the Media sidebar and click on a preset to preview it, the keyboard in the memo recorder area plays no note at all or controls the active VST that I have currently selected, not the preset which I want to preview.

  1. Make a new project
  2. Open the Sidebar Search and enter something (e.g. “Lead”)
  3. Look for the Memo Recorder at the bottom right, it is accompanied by an on-screen keyboard which you are supposed to contol with your mouse
  4. Playing it does sometimes nothing (No Sound) or controls the currently loaded and selected VST instead of playing the sound that it should preview.
  5. Double-clicking the preset doesn’t do anything. It does not trigger loading the associated plugin for that preset.

I think this is a bug in Cubase 12.0.70

OS: MacOS Ventura (newest Release)

In the attached screenshot you can see me clicking one of the keys and the VST (Arturia DX 7) receive the control information, indicated by the pressed key in the plugins keyboard


MediaBay Rack is not attached to the plug-in at all. It plays the sound selected in the MediaBay Rack.

Yes, that’s what I thought, but as you can see, it plays the plugin - how weird is that?

Anyway, after restarting cubase, it stopped and worked normally again.

I will update here if this reoccurs!

OK it happened again. I opened a completely new project, loaded a VST and then went in the sidebar to search for a preset. Here is a video of it:


This is probably FXChainPreset, not the Instrument Preset.

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Yes, I think you are right. I might not be able to discern an Instrument preset from an FX-Chain preset in the browser. However, why does it show a piano keyboard if there is nothing to “play”? Maybe we can do a feature request out of this then?


I agree, this doesn’t make sense.

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