macOS Ventura - What We Know So Far (article)

Here is what we REALLY know.

  1. Ventura will create audio driver problems for your interface until your manufacture updates them.

  2. Your DAW will have problems until it is updated to run the new sloth

  3. Plugins will have issues as usual with EVERY APPLE OS upgrade.

  4. Your current Mac may or may not work on this shiny new Apple seed

The moral of the story with OS upgrades is always hold off upgrading for a while.

The real moral is don’t encourage other DAW users to shoot themselves in the foot with an untested OS.

Apple does the same thing every time with their OS. They are worse than Microsoft IMO.

I forgot one, they probably tighten up the security some more so your DAW, plugins etc won’t pass the security.

The mandatory Applefest every year gives the DAW user NOTHING worth of any value unless you consider headaches a thing you like.

All the stuff on that link is for the Latte crowd, not audio production

Don’t shoot the messenger my friend – just sharing a link from a reputable source. No one really makes anyone upgrade except the ‘upgrader’ themselves. I can delete the thread if you like though. I am a people pleaser by nature.

No bro, you are fine. Just wait till this Ace Ventura OS comes out, there will be plenty of fools downloading it and then crying about nothing working, Cubase crashing, how do I roll back even though I didn’t have a backup etc. Its painful to watch.

Yo can warn them EVERY TIME too, they don’t listen.

My angst is towards Apple my friend not at you. They really look at those as huge things they are adding or subtracting.

Monterey is where this Mac is stopping

So, here’s my concern with Ventura:

I’m contemplating upgrading from a 2015 MacBook Pro to a shiny new M1 machine of some sort or another. (Leaning towards M1 Mac Mini).

Inevitably, all new Apple hardware will soon start shipping with Ventura pre-installed. Which means, if I wait too long to buy a new M1 Mac, I’m going to have to wait until Cubase (and all my other plugins/drivers) runs properly on it. Maybe there’s a way to downgrade back to Monterey on hardware that supports it, if it comes with Ventura pre-installed?


Edit: I just now saw the above post, where Production Expert says they installed Cubase 12 on Ventura and it seemed to run fine. That’s promising. Thanks for that, @wildschwein .