Macro and Logical Editor Bugs - Cubase 9.5

Using Logical Editor to select things feels as if sometimes selections are not updated internally (selection is done in the GUI, but when some command gets executed after that, it works on previous selection).

This is most obvious when using macros that have logical editor presets in them. For example, you run macro a few times, change selection to something else and run macro again - now instead of selected events getting processed, it seems Cubase processes events that were selected previously.

Also, when using logical editor presets in macros, things won’t run smoothly. It feels as if when macro is executed, its key commands are run in such a way that one key command (or logical preset) starts running while the previous key command (or logical preset) didn’t get executed completely. Sometimes some key commands in the macro won’t get executed at all.

For real life examples see the first post of this thread: - under Limitation

This is a general report, but a repro sequence is needed for it to make its way into the fix list.

Thanks for your answer Steve,

the trouble is that the bug involves both Macros and Logical Editor so it’s kinda convoluted to reproduce. I already gave working examples in this thread:

Here are simple steps to reproduce the bug (I’m using Win10 x64 Fall Creators)

1. Import this MIDI logical editor preset:
Invert Note Selection Beyond (1.28 KB)
2. Create the following Macro:

3. Assign a Macro to the keyboard shortcut (I assigned it to “V” in my case)

4. After you make sure everything is working, close Cubase and open it again with the included project:
Example (15.2 KB)
5. Open the only MIDI part in the project, select one note and press the shortcut that runs the macro. Select once again one different note and run the macro. Do it a few times

6. Whenever you run the macro the result should be that all the notes beyond cursor get selected and the selected note becomes unselected. However, a lot of times something quite different happens - it’s hard to reproduce reliably because the bug seems erratic - sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t. Here’'s the animated gif:
[endless gif removed, see attachments]

I hope this is enough for the developers to find the bug and fix it.
Example of the bug.gif

I can repeat it over and over, no issue. There was an issue where the highlighting of notes would not reflect the actual selection, I don’t remember if it was fixed or not right now, could you be seeing that?

Maybe it’s something to do with preferences. I can share any files you need. But as you can see from the animated gif - it’s there and it can mess things up seriously.

There is no preference that would have this effect, but If you haven’t ruled out corrupt prefs you should do the basic troubleshooting steps listed in the knowledgebase.

This could be connected because Cubase responds to keystrokes…the issue appears when you run key commands through Macros after using Logical Editor. If you run the command manually after using Logical Editor, you won’t be able to replicate it. As if Macro or Logical Editor presets are running on that wrong selection.

I trashed all of the preferences (basically deleted whole C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64 folder and restarted Cubase a few times)
and I can still replicate the bug using above steps.

I also tested first in normal KeyEditor and then in lower zone KeyEditor and results were the same.

If you still can’t replicate maybe you aren’t trying “the right notes” - the bug appears usually after selecting notes at random. But once it appears, it keeps appearing more frequently.

Using manual key command to locate note selection (I believe the default shortcut is “L”) the thing appears to fix itself but reappears soon after using Macro/Logical Editor combo. This must be connected to Logical Editor not updating the selection of notes internally or Macro commands running on some undefined state in the program.

Hm. Best bet would be to report this via your Steinberg account then. There appears to be something in your setup that’s making this happen.

I don’t know how I can find ‘the right notes’.

A repro has to follow the format laid out in you can take a screen shot of the L.E. steps, as you did for the macro, without including a .cpr file. The tester should create these from scratch. This is like the Scientific Method, and eliminates any extraneous elements.

If you open a ticket, and other people have reported similar things it will add to the evidence.

Ok, thanks - I didn’t know I could use my Steinberg account. I’ll do that when I find the time. Thanks for all the time spent trying to repro it.