Macro and quantization with delay compensation

Does anybody could tell me how to create a macro that will shift first notes of the event for 1/16 of a bar? I have build an orchestra template and set delay compensation times. When I quantize and my recording starts when event starts, it is mess with a sound. I need to shift the firsts note or notes a few milliseconds. I’m looking for a solution to automate this step, but can’t find anything.

For orchestral instruments (or other slow attack instruments where notes need to start before the beat, I use “track delay” with negative values (also known as “negative track delay”).

There’s quite a bit of information around:

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Thank you @Nico5, but in this example events starts way before notes come. In my case the notes start with event in the same time. That is why I have to manually take first note (notes if it is a chord) and put it a little bit later than the event start. That’s what I want to automate somehow.

Would it be easier to move the left locator, so the recording starts a little earlier?

For example - if my largest negative track delay in my project is 200ms, then I make sure the left locator is at least 250 or 300 ms before the first note starts.

But if that’s still not what you need, maybe you can create and save a Logical Editor preset? For example:

And then create a Key Command that executes the preset you have saved.

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Wow @Nico5 that is what I needed! You spared me a lot of time learning logical editor and my mind is really not IT so it would be difficult. Thank You for your help.

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