MACRO: Apply the selected tool to a selected event (Glue events with a shortcut)


Very new to Cubase… Set up a couple macros already, very cool Cubase does this… That said there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that could, (and IMO should be) applicable to both audio and MIDI events. Example: Bounce Audio and Bounce MIDI should be able to share the same keybaord shortcut, as this is the way it is in basically every other DAW i’ve used… Logic, Live, Studio One… (Join events, Merge events, etc…)

So my next thought was why don’t I map the glue tool to the same shortcut I use in the DAWs above? No go… I have to click the event, which isn’t a big deal UNTIL you start wanting to merge multiple non-contiguous events…

Basically the hope here is that there’s a way to create a macro with the same keyboard shortcut that accomplishes this… I would select events as need then the macro would call up the glue tool, then apply the selected tool to selected events… Is this possible? Or is there a short cut that performs the same function as clicking on something?

If not do others feel it would be useful to suggest this?

I also find a number of shortcuts could be merged if the keyboard shortcuts let you apply a command to the selected zone. (The way Logic works… Meaning you can use the same command in an editor window as you can in the arrangement window with no conflicts…)

Your reverse doppelgangers are in the Logic and Presonus forums asking that those programs be updated to work the way Cubase works. :wink:

Maybe grokking Cubase’s paradigms before trying to bend it to resemble other daws will be a more efficient way forward workflow-wise.

When you say command, do you actually mean keystroke?

Yes a keystroke. Are you really suggesting you don’t use any custom macros at all to fit your workflow? And frankly I bought Cubase for the fact that it isn’t Logic.

If these kinds of cross-compatible features weren’t useful then Steinberg wouldn’t let you choose Logic’s keyboard shortcuts as a starting point now would they, or did I miss something here? Not to mention the usefulness of merging multiple functions into a single keybaord shortcut via custom macros…

I posted this asking for a little clarification. What a nice intro to the Cubase forum. :unamused: