Macro Assignment (Like in Massive or Ableton)

I would love to see a macro assignment section being implemented in Cubase 9 to replace the very outdated Quick Controls. This macro knobs should work as in NI Massive or Ableton Rack.

This feature will benefit everyone, especially electronic musicians like me, who frequently need to experiment with changing multiple parameters of synth patches at once :slight_smile:

I love this idea and would love to see it in an upcoming release. I would like to see it with a couple options like

  1. Map a control to multiple controls (say knob/slider)
  2. Set the mapping range for each parameter independently…
    ie parameter 1 0-100 = 0-70, parameter 2 0-100 = 30-100 etc.
  3. Be able to enable/disable linking without breaking the link
  4. Automatable like any other parameter… Perhaps giving each “macro knob” it’s own automation lane

Just some thoughts of something I think would be crazy beneficial.

Thanks for elaborating, Knappy. It’s obvious that music has gone electronic in the recent years, and it’s feature like this that will really give the electronic music producer more power to manipulate their sound world, not Loopmash or Dj EQ :slight_smile: Just my 2 cents