Macro controls ala ableton live

well that’s reassuring… glad I can expect to wait years for staple features like this.



+1, but BTW, you can use VSTFORX for that…

no more workarounds. Please hold Steinberg resposible to implement this!

i agree!


workarounds will be workarounds will be workarounds.

vst chainers tend to be unstable, bear issues with plugin delay compensation; cannot be as easily implemented into cubase’s own ecosystem of the mediabay; can be more of a challenge to transfer to another workstation… the fact people spent weeks coding them shows how little they probably believe the DAW devs will implement these functions natively, so kudos to them on at least giving us the option of using such workaround.


+1 for macro controls !!!

Yes Image Line Patcher is a great idea that i would like to see some equivalent in Cubase, it can help in many area (macro controls, more pre-fader inserts, preset management for building instrument and FX).
Be able to build project work (instruments and fx) in “patcher/vst chainer” is an awesome technique.
Some inspiring work can be recall in any new project… Creations ideas over years are never forgotten any more in hundreds of projects saved on hard drive…


This should of been in Cubase a long time ago.




So… no MIDI macros yet?

2023 going on 2024… Really Steinberg?