Macro Crash since at least Cubase 8 - 'Remove Unused Media'+'Empty Trash' causes intermittent crash. Crash Dump Include

Yes I created a macro to purge files and I like it a lot…except, it causes an intermittent but fairly common crash.
Cubase 64bit 2018.12.1 16.50.dmp (663 KB)

Is it just those two commands? If so, maybe they run too fast. If you can find some do-nothing commands to insert between them, maybe it will work.

Thanks, I’ll try doing this.

Hmm seems to be still crashing. I tried putting ‘zoom in’ between, seems to have had no effect.

One of the weirdest suggestion I heard since long. If Cubase crashes make your moves or system slower. Even if a next step could not follow up it must not crash the whole thing.

Massive bug in the code, that’s what it is.

It’s actually three commands,

‘file save’
‘remove unused media’
‘empty trash’

But I’m pretty sure I added the ‘file save’ after the fact of finding the crash so I wouldn’t lose my work if taking a risk to utilize the command.

The crash is a bug, and of course any bug that crashes Cubase is massive, kind of a binary equation, eh? :wink:

ResonantMind- what happens when you do the commands via their own keystrokes? Anyway, it would be worthwhile to report this in your my steinberg account, with the crash dump, or even a few.

Macros is an old module, and this is an age old workaround too. Takes some experimenting…

One definitely hopes for the long-awaited modernization of the the macro system.