Macro designer knobs for controlling multiple sampler zones

I’m quite new to Halion and I’m in the process of making a few patches of my hardware synths. Is it correct that there is no other option except with quick controls, to create controls for envelopes, filter etc. for several samplezones / layers?
I am a little surprised that every sample has its own envelope etc. and you have to control the offset to control them together. For me it would make more sense to have master envelopes and then enter an offset for each of the individual sample zones. This is the case with the Exs and makes the whole thing much more intuitive, because you automatically have a macro / user interface. And unfortunately there are only 8 quick controls and they are used up very quickly.
is there any other way without having to dive into deeper scripting?

You can control multiple zones with the same quick control or macro page knob. For macro page controls this is done by changing the scope.

You can also do that with quick controls.

Hi misohoza,

I hadn’t heard of Scope so far. But will check this out. Thank you!