macro designer needs sytem fonts and colo(u)rs


The macro designer needs more stuff like:

Fonts & colors ¨drop down menu for for fonts for text things… (like a ms word drop down menu so you can see what you get - and a color palette) - per default, it does not grab system fonts and the included fonts are just names, so it is a guessing game… I do not like the guessing game game:P


and if there is time sometime (not a prio tho) - Drag n drop from the extended macro page to the workspace (automaps the dragged knob/slider whatever and also assigns the default bitmap to it)
(drag , drop, done. - exchangeable pics, names, position etc etc as post edit options)

Hi ggc,

regarding the fonts. We do not allow to use any of the fonts installed on your system, because then every other user of your library and macro page would need to have these fonts installed on his system too, otherwise the macro page will look broken.
Therefore we only allow a few system fonts that are always available on Mac and PC. To have a larger choice of fonts for decorative labels for example, we build in a font render engine that can make use of true type fonts. These fonts will be packed into your VST sound library just as other graphical resources.
However, you have to make sure that the fonts you are including allow this, means that there is no licensing conflict. But there is a large number of free fonts that can also be embedded in commercial products available.

Regarding the colors, there’s a slightly broken feature in the macro page designer. Normally, when clicking on the color preview field this opens a color editor which lets you select the color quite comfortably. Unfortunately the (invisible) switch that opens this color editor is currently slightly offset to the right. So you need to click close to the right edge of the property pane to open it. This issue has already been fixed and will be part of the next maintenance release.

And yes, a color palette is also on my wish list, maybe something for the next bigger update. :wink:

Ahh, now i get it…

you have to make a font template first, then you can choose it in the object.

I tried to edit the font and color directly on the object/ label edit menu and couldn’t find where to change it…

ok… thx=)

thought: maybe we should change this to direct control on the object or there will be a lot of templates at the end of the day…:wink:

anywho, works. thanks again=)