Macro editing and improvements

I have started to use macros, and think its a great tool which saves me lots of time, however; I am finding that some improvements to the tool/interface would make this an even more powerful tool. There are some bugs which I just find more annoying (adding a command and it not updating until reopening the shortcut key/macro editor) but can work through it.

One thing that may be easily to implement would be an UP and DOWN button to adjust the order of commands. I find that sometimes I want to move one command before another but the only way to do it is to delete it, and re-add it where i want it, when a simple click of an arrow key would be great.

A “notes” column beside the command would be great; to be able to describe what the command is doing.

Including some type of additional commands such as being able to add a pause, or if/then conditions, or recording text input to be repeated or something would greatly improve the macro.

These have all come about as I am working on a macro to export small event audio clips (samples) to individual audio files for use in kontakt. I made a macro which goes from event to event on a track exporting each clip individually and found that certain commands do not wait for a process to finish before going to the next which causes problems as it the sequence becomes a mess, and because i have to use 2 macros creating a loop that when it gets to the end of the audio; due to me not being able to put a conditional statement, I have to force quit cubase to end the sequence or else it would continue to export the last bit of audio over and over again.

If I am missing something, please let me know or if there is a process/way of doing what I am trying to do, please send the workflow. The software is rock solid, and I am a long time user; and only hope that my suggestions could be used to make the software even more powerful.


I would like to rehash this topic – is there a way to have cubase wait for an ‘export audio mixdown’ macro command to finish before proceeding to executing the following command in a given macro? the way it behaves now, it’s pretty nigh useless. I’ve tried creating a separate macro with just ‘export audio mixdown’ in it and calling it from within another macro, but that changed nothing.

would you know of a way to get around this?

thank you.

Anyone? Thank you…

I agree, the macro editor is totally woeful!

+1 very essential feature

Also useful would be:

  • documentation for all available commands. There are hundreds of them, and I haven’t a clue what they do.

  • an “execute” button in the macro dialogue that lets you execute a single command to see what happens wihout having to run the whole macro (Reaper does this)

  • more “absolute” commands instead of toggles, that set parameters to known states. Toggles are next to useless in macros, For example “select next snap type” or “toggle snap” are not much use, whereas “set snap to grid relative” or “set snap off” would be very useful. This would eliminate the need for much “if… then…” testing.



Your suggestions would stand a better chance of being noticed and implemented if you posted them in the C7 feature request forum.