Macro / Eucon: pasting specific soundfiles to timeline

For a tv-series I have to place a bunch of specific soundfiles in the timeline at different tc-positions in each episode.
It is enough work to try some macro or eucon programming for this task :slight_smile:

I have an Avid MC Control that offers 24 programmable keys on one screen which would be perfect for my needs. My idea: Press a key and paste an assigned soundfile to the playheads position in the selected track.

But so far I found no way to adress specific files in the pool via eucon. I tried severeal workarounds through search options via keycommands in the media bay and then placing the files, but that is totally unreliable, as recorded keystrokes are not well captured by nuendo, even with pauses.

There might be a way with the project logical editor but I did not really get the logic yet :wink:

Is there a solution? Maybe I just do not see the obvious so all help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot

I don’t think it’s possible.

I do think it might be possible, but building it would be rather complex so the amount of sounds placed need to be rather high for it to be worth the effort. And I don’t think Nuendo itself would be enough. To do it using the PLE would be really complex I think.