[Macro] Fast way to duplicate parts of your song

Make a selection and hit a Key Command and this macro will create a space as long as the selection and insert a copy of the length of the selection.
All tracks will get copied even if you only have one part on one track selected.
I tried with four cycle markers that were a verse and a chorus but I needed to have one more of that combo but thought “why am I doing this over and over??? This is Cubase, right?”
Macros !!!
The best way to make macros is if you remember the key commands and just use the “Type in key” input field to the right and then hit the [<-select ] button plus, of course, the [add command] button.
It’s easier than search and poke around for the commands in the list.

These are the ingredients:

Transport - Locators to Selection
Edit - Select none
Transport - Go to left Locator
Edit - Split Loop
Edit - Select in Loop
Edit - Copy
Edit - Insert Silence
Edit - Paste

Then add a Key Command of your choice and your Aunts husband is Bob.
Plus you also have a longer song!!!

will test… thank you

I need to try this, thanks Ulf:)

Just tested it and it seems that there is an issue, with a project containing both audio and MIDI tracks. My test involves :

  • a drum part ( ->
  • an instrument part ( -> that has been rendered in place (audio track added, as a result).

Each time, before launching the macro, I check that both locators are at Without any part selection, the duplicated area goes from to, which means that the macro works using the shorter part : why not ?
The problem is that, if I select either the instrument part or its rendered one, the duplicated part keeps being the to one. So, I have tried moving the drum part at ->, the result is the same : even if the instrument part or its rendered audio event is selected, it’s the - that is duplicated (as if it was the drum part that was still being selected at first).

Maybe I am doing something wrong, at a point. Will investigate further and keep you informed… :wink:

Well, I looked at this a little further and actually, it seems to work as long as you have a MIDI part/audio event selected. So, sorry for the previous post, as I’m no longer able to reproduce the problem. FWIW, there is also this alternate way to do more or less the same thing :

Transport - Locators to Selection
Edit - Global Copy
Edit - Insert Silence
Transport - Go to left locator
Edit - Paste

Let me know if it works on your end… :neutral_face:

Overall, a very useful macro, as it works with either MIDI parts or audio event. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Another way to do this - though i’m not at my computer to check this out - would be

Transport - locators to selection
Edit - global copy
Transport - go to right locator
Edit - paste time

I’m assuming there is a ‘paste time’ action available. This is what I do when I do it manually.

Just checked out what I suggested - it seems to work.

Indeed… But there is a slight difference between your solution and mine. As images are better than long explanations…

Your version split the drum part, mine doesn’t. Not a big deal, as it’s quite easy to glue both parts together again.

So, both versions work in their own way, actually… :sunglasses:

Thanks for that!

A little tweak

Transport - locators to selection
Edit - global copy
Transport - go to left locator
Edit - paste time


I thought that was what the arranger track was for…?

Yes, if you simply want the section to play twice, but no if you want to change the section you’ve just copied.