Macro for copypaste markers


I’ve been trying to this for a while and can’t find a way :
I have regions I want to export. I have a macro that creates markers above each regions to use the Export Range : Cycle Markers when bouncing my files.
But I would like all markers to have same name as the region below so that during export I can use Naming Scheme : CycleMarkerNm.
But because copy paste keycomands don’t work when you are editing the infoline. And there’s no “ESC” or “ENTER” in the keycommand, once you entered the Info Line…
So for now I have to macros, one to navigate to next region and enter infoline (then manually do copy ESC) a second one to navigate up to my maker and edit infoline (manually paste and ESC)
Any idea how to optimise that ?

This is a Cubase/Nuendo question, pls go to other forum, thanks.

thanks sorry,

had a draft about vst connect and didn’t realised I was posting here this other question.
don’t know how to move it… i’ll just do another post elsewhere.

Edit the tags should be enough.