Macro for editing breaths and esses

I’m trying to set up a macro to low breaths and esses as I please. Ideally, what I want to do after selecting the part I want to edit with my range tool is below. I can get 1 and 4 but not sure how to do 2 and 3. Any suggestions? or anyone have one already that they’d care to share? :wink:

  1. Split range (GOT THAT FAR)
  2. Select the range
  3. lower the range by lets say 3 db
  4. Create crossfades


  1. Before you Split the range, is any event selected? If yes, you can navigate to the event by using Navigate left/right.

  2. There is the X KeyCommand, which applies the Crossfade. Search, what function from which menu is triggered. Or you can apply Auto Crossfade on the track, and then you don’t have to take care about it.

Wouldn’t be better to use De-Esser?

Once you select the Range tool, anything you have selected gets deselected. I can use a deesser and still do. I like to tame them a little. Especially the breaths depending the vocalist. I’m used to doing this manually with no issues but I just saw a video with someone using Studio One 3 who set up his own macro so I figured if they can do it in Studio One, there’s gotta be a way to make one in Cubase.