Macro for making/selecting automation nodes

A while ago, (sorry, I couldn’t find the original post to give credit) someone came up with a great Macro/PLE process that allowed you to select a range, run the macro and then you could move the selection region up/down with your mouse a la Pro Tools (great for volume automation, fx sends, etc.). The macro adds 4 nodes to your automation line and then selects the two inside nodes so you can raise it/lower it without affecting other automation.

My problem is that Nuendo is not not selecting the inner nodes. Can anyone help me select the two inner nodes? Or point me to the original thread?

First program the Project Logical Editor and then create the macro. Details below.

Edit - Copy
Edit - Paste
Transport - Locate Selection
Transport - Nudge +1 frame
Edit - Left Selection side to Cursor
Transport - Locate Selection End
Transport - Nudge +1 Frame
Edit - Right Selection Side to Cursor
Edit - Copy
Edit - Paste
Transport - Locate Selection
Tool - Select Tool
Process Project Logical Editor - Range Volume PLE

PLE Process (Range Volume PLE):
media type is: position
Equal: Inside Cycle
Parameter1: Automation
Bar Range/Time Base: PPQ

Macro Not set

cubase ninja - pro tools-style trim automation macro?

I found the problem: I didn’t have “Track selection follows event selection” checked. This was the thread indeed. Thank you Steve. This tip was one of my favorites!

I was playing around with this macro today for the first time and found a big problem with it. It cuts all of the audio in a folder where automation points are made if group editing is enabled in the folder track. It is also slow.

I came up with a simpler one. The problem with this one is it won’t edit at all if group editing is enabled in the folder track but it seems a better compromise to me. I would just turn off group editing.
The other problem with this one is that you have to have the ruler display set appropriately (10ms, 1 frame or 128th note seem to work). Other than these two issues it works pretty well. I hope Steinberg creates this as a range edit option in the future without any of these compromises. So after creating your range the macro goes like this:

nudge right
locators to selection
select tool
select in loop


I think it is a great feature that should be implemented by Steinberg