Macro help needed: Name audio track after selected audio event


I am trying to put together a rather basic renaming macro:
Copy the file name of a selected audio event and paste it into the audio track name.

I figured out the sequence of commands that does exactly that
(with audio track and event selected)

It works well when I run the sequence as a chain of single key commands.
Though, when I put this sequence in a macro it does not work.

1 Edit - Edit Info Line (highlight the audio file name of the selected event)
2 Edit - Copy (copy name into buffer)
3 Focus - Escape
4 Edit - Rename First Selected Track (highlight track name)
5 Edit - Paste (paste the copied audio file name into track name)
6 Enter

The problem is macro step 2: Nuendo is copying the selected audio event into the buffer – not the highlighted audio file name from the info line.

If I manually highlight the file name in the info field I can perfectly copy it into the buffer via Command+C or dropdown menu “Edit > Copy”. If I let the macro do the “Command+C” step, it copies the audio event even though the info line is highlighted.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
What could be a solution?


My first call for the whole task would be the Project Logical Editor. I’m quite confident that this mighty tool should be able to achieve what you have in mind.

Yeah, I been looking into PLE first, yet could not find a way to “grab” the name of a selected event.

But can’t you combine PLE with a macro that “grabs” them from the Project Browser …?

Not sure actually. Easy to locate / highlight the selected audio file in the project browser, yet I can’t find a way to access and copy the file name from there either - except for manually.

Simply copying the file name from the highlighted info line should work both manually hitting command+c as well as letting a macro do the same. Smells like a bug that the macro step is copying the event even though the info line has focus?!

Sounds like the macro is working too fast. Can’t remember if you can insert pauses or not with the macros. I have to do this all the time when I use my gaming keyboard for os macros. HTH.

Solved it with applescript, delay was not the issue