Macro help, please!

Hello userbase,

to make Cubase 7 an easy ride for me, I tried to create some macros concerning Mix Console views.

Here’s how I want it to look like. 2 different views, the most important to me, which I want to access by a single keystroke. Please take a look:
rack views_.jpg
Creating macros for this scenarios is not that easy it seems. In the list of key commands, hiding individual racks is not available.

Example: the macro for the first view (I want to see Routing/Pre/Inserts) consists of

  • Mixer: Expand: Routing
  • Mixer: Expand Filters/Gain
  • Mixer: Expand Inserts
    The keycommand set for this macro = Alt + 1.

Result: it works as expected in some cases only. Everything’s fine when the initial state = all racks closed. Alt + 1 brings up the desired view. Toggling the keyco from there opens/closes racks, which is fine. As soon as I open another rack (cs/eqs/whatever) and fire up Alt +1 from there, the routing/pre/insert-view returns partially and different each time (inserts = expanded, pre/routing closed and different other chaotic/illogicals states while toggling my keyco). Exclusive mode = off.

What I think would help is to have ‘hide (individual racks)’ options in the list of key commands. So I could tailor my macro to hide racks I don’t need currently (= not wasting space with closed racks). The rack category as well as the Agents haven’t been included into keycos - well, I think they should! Urgently!

Or is there maybe anything I’ve simply overlooked? Am I thinking that bizarre/not getting my head around, how macros really work :confused:

Hope, I got clear about my point and did not bore you with cryptic stuff you can’t follow :laughing:

Ain’t there some experts out there who got such things working? :question:

Hate to say it, but it’s impossible with the actual key command kit. All the keys in the Mixer section just toggle the current state of the stuff, so you can’t define the initial state of each rack by yourself. However, whereas you want “routine+pre+ (inserts; sends)” you can toggle the visibility of inserts and sends with the appropriate key commands - Mixer:Views:Inserts and Mixer:Views:Sends.


Tried different combis of view/expand. None lead to the desired result…

… and still don’t. 7.02 still doesn’t offer access to ‘hide-this-and-that-rack’-commands…

I see no reason for this honestly.

Seems to me what you are trying to do is covered under “Saving Channel & Rack Configurations” in the Manual.
Or perhaps I don’t get what you’re trying to do.

“Channel & Rack Configurations” are nice but work on project level only. Not accessable with key commands. Including the visible tracks. That’s not what I want to achieve.

What I want to do is:
having a few simple rack views, switchable with key commands. Look at that screenshots I’ve originally posted:
rack views_.jpg
Very simple overviews:

  1. routing + pre + inserts
  2. routing + pre + sends

Those are the mixer views I switch back and forth since I use Cubase, I just feel comfortable with. No scrolling needed, thereby no accidential change of send levels happens etc. Whatever I’ve tried in C7, it doesn’t work. I expected key commands for way more functions in 7.02 but only the agents were included… rack configurations (hiding racks) are still missing.

This is exactly why I can’t use C7 yet. My workflow is seriously impeded by this oversight. Boggling!

You can set Keycommands for Expand sends and another for Expand Inserts. If you turn off exclusive in the rack control, then pressing a key will toggle the send rack and another will toggle the Insert rack - ok maybe not absolutely perfect because it’s a toggle you have to press the key again to close it if necessary - but hey if you choose adjacent keys (I used [ and ])…

Hey BriHar, thanks, that’s how I do it, expanding/collapsing inserts (Alt+1) + sends (Alt+2) which works.

Annoying though that there are two keystrokes in a certain sequence neccessary. And it’s not the only ergonomical disaster I feel when working with that thing…

yeah, it’s the old grief of most parameters being ‘toggle’-only, instead being able to force a parameter into an ‘on’, or ‘off’ state. ‘snap’ being a prime example. seems like something very easy to be done.

cant you just create a screen set for each desired view and then set a key command…

i haven’t got 7 yet but on 6.5 i use the generic remote mapped to a midi pad to switch between mixer views