macro, how to edit description ?


i would like the File name and description to display same info. i have lots of files to edit
so i create a macro.
1-edit info line
… but here i would like to “TAB” to description to 4-Paste
but TAB does not work in macro…solution ?



Unfortunately there is no solution in Nuendo, I’m sorry.

T do this at this time you unfortunately have to use a third party macro program.

dam ok thx guys

What about this:

  • rename the description
  • export with “render in place” menu and choosing description as naming scheme.

I do so all the times I’ve to edit large amounts of regions.
If they’re final I use export, if they have to be edited afterwards I use render in place.

you’r right… i have to look deeper into that anyway.
for the moment what’s working best for me is the “export selected event”. i never used it and also discovered the naming scheme that i didn’t know previously (got improved since Nuendo 8 no ?)
using “name” “track name” “description” and “counter” i manage to export my sounds . so… renaming “description” specifically is not exactly what i need anymore. i don’t master the process, specially when some DOP is involved i had some issues or crash. But i think that’s the way to go.