Macro Improvements

First off thank you so, so, so very much for all the macro improvements, you have addressed the biggest frustrations with it finally after all these years with having to keep opening the window, being able to resize it, not being able to duplicate them, adding new commands in the middle of them and moving the commands up and down! Thank you so much for addressing these issues I have spent some much time working around these issues.

Three more things would really add the final touch to it for me in this priority order

  • Add a timed delay command before the next command executes

  • Add a comments field for the selected macro (I have hundreds of macros and sometimes I add things for reasons I don’t remember why and it would be so helpful to read about why I added them years later since the issue might be fixed)

  • Add the ability to search Macros in the window below (this would save me a bit of scrolling time not crucial but would be helpful)

Great suggestions


I think the ‘Search’ function could be better in the Key Commands and Macros area. Like when you start typing something and all the suggestions pop up. The ‘Continue Search’ thing is just a little um… Pants!

That would be awesome!!!

Somewhere along the line, Cubase stopped going to the last key command you did when you go to the key command’s dialog. I loved that feature and thought it was brilliant and a nice time saver. Does anyone know if there is a reason that feature was removed?

Also, not sure if this is possible but it would certainly save me a lot of time and help me to quickly scan macros when I update. There have been dozens of macros that have stopped working with updates because key commands have disappeared because of new options or the name has changed. If possible I would propose that a strike-through happen if possible to indicate that the function no longer exists. That way I can quickly scan through all my macros and see if anything has been changed or broken.

Option-clicking a disclosure triangle to expand all the macros would save a lot of mouse movement and clicking as well if that was possible. Anyway, again huge strides forward and I have been so much happier making macros now with all the new options and being able to duplicate and insert. I had to fix several broken macros today and the add button was wonderful to use!

Something I was thinking about is, Macros should be added to PLEs and self-contained within the PLE, instead of the PLE referencing the Macro list. Sometimes PLE loses reference to macro.

Related to that, I find it odd that macros can be added to other macros but as soon as you close Cubendo and reopen the references to the other Macros don’t work. To be clear it is great that they work when the session is open when you make it but why it doesn’t persist when you open the application is a bit odd.

Are you sure?

Adding macros to macros I’m pretty sure works for me.

I’m not seeing that. I have a bunch of Macros that call other Macros and they work just fine. However they were all created awhile back. So perhaps there is an issue with the revised Macro editor?

Okay, good to know I generally don’t ever reference other Macros in my Macros but I had a single complex Macro that I only wanted to revise once if I ever needed to update it. I’ll see what I can figure out.