Macro instability

In my experience, creating macros and executing macros can be very unstable.

Issues I’ve seen:
-macro editor fails to enter commands in the proper order
-macro editor ignores your added commands on close
-executing macro behavior is not consistent (race conditions occur)
-can crash Nuendo

Some macros work fine, others are extremely problematic and unstable.

Anyone else experience the same?
Is the macro editor going to get any attention in upcoming builds?

This is a great feature, that most DAWs lack. I’d love to see it more stable.


Some of the problems you have I have seen. See this thread:

And this new thread:

The macro engine issues are in no way new.
First reporting this in N4.3 IIRC… In N5 it appeared to get worse, but I don’t think it did.
As it does not have any “wait until complete” feedback loop it is depending on the program to complete any command as fast that the macro engine can issue a new one. The problem seems to be that it say faster to issue a command than for the program to react and complete the command.

And the faster the computer is and the larger the project, the worse it gets.

My experience is that it’s has always been worse on OSX compared to windows. Not 100% sure if that is true, but I think it is.

So we’ve identified the problem… Back in n4 and we are on n6.5 and why is it not fixed?

The user can execute the commands manually and it works. The macro engine should be able to the same even if slow it’s still an extreme time saver.

I for one would love this addressed.