Macro Issue

Im creating a Macro here

Transport - Locate Next Event
Transport - Locators To Selection
Transport - Loop Selection

I then assign a key command to the Macro. Hit the key command =. NOTHING
Click the macro in the macro menu = NOTHING

Im simply wanting the macro to let me go to the next event, L/R Locators move to that next event then looping turning on for that selection.

Are the Macros broken in 9.5.41??


On OSX High Sierra here


The general problem with Macros in Cubase is, that Cubase sometimes triggers the commands in wrong order. To be precise, it triggers the next Command but the current one is not done yet.

Because of this it would be nice to have something like “idle” command available, which we could put in-between. But this doesn’t exist. Myself I’m using (File > Save) as “idle”. It’s not wrong to save the project time to time :wink: and it works.

It would be nice if I could simply be in Cycle mode and hit a key to go to the next event and the loop would follow the selection to easily go to different sections in the song WITHOUT using the Arranger or Markers etc.

Here is the Macro that works!!

Macro 1:
Command = Navigate Right
Command = Transport Loop Selection
Labeled Loop Select Right

Macro 2:
Command = Navigate Left
Command= Transport Loop Selection
Labeled Loop Select Left

Pick whatever key command you want from the macros.
I did Command+Option + Right Arrow
Command+Option + Left Arrow