Macro Key Commands?

I am trying to create a key command as I used to have in it Logic which was very efficient.

I want to Start From Left Locator, and Stop, by the use of the Space Bar.

I tried to set up a macro command but I couldn’t put together anything that worked. The closest I got was:

Macro Commands:
Transport - Start from selection
Transport - Stop

But this didn’t work for obvious reasons that the Space Bar cannot Start and Stop and the same time.

Any ideas on how I can get my desired function “Start From Left Locator, and Stop by the use of the Space Bar”?

Much appreciated!

You want toggling commands. As far as I know the Spacebar is used to Start/Stop (i.e. toggle) playback by default, I don’t know if this can be overwritten. Typically in Cubase one would use a double hit on the stop key (default ‘0’ to move back to the left locator in this example. You can set the option however to automatically return to start-position (left locator in this case) on stop thereby eliminating the need for a double hit. This works in both playback and record modes

Are you aware that there is a complete keycommand preset file for Logic users which can be imported into Cubase?
Should be in the one of the installation folders (I forget which ATM)

That’s smart, thanks. I’ll just Return to Start Position. It will take some getting used to, but I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly.

I have tried, and fead lots in the forum re: to import my customized Logic key commands, and apparently it just won’t work. I don’t have a .xml editor, or know much about .xml, but the import function does not work.

I 've not needed the import function myself, so can’t comment on whether it works or not but I’m not sure that it will import your own personalized file from logic.
I’m just saying that there is a special file included that can be imported to make the Cubase key commands behave more like the standard logic key commands. There’s also one for Pro Tools and a couple of other DAWs.

I use the contour shuttle and make macros with things like stop, delete that take then rewind back to where I started etc. Can really help with workflow.

Pretty powerful keystroke macro editor in it.

Yes, maybe the included Logic file that comes with Cubase, but that is a standard key command set that is far from what I have customized over the years. So when I export my Logic key command files, as I do when I used other machines in different studios, Cubase won’t read the file to import it.

Interesting. I will look into that! Thanks

Doesn’t surprise me as it would probably be a completely different syntax. Someone has gone to the trouble to setup key commands in Cubase that emulate the behaviour of those in Logic, then exported that file and included it in the installation files. More cannot be expected. It’s similar to trying to install a Mac program on a PC. Each DAW exports these files in a syntax which it understands and can re-import, there is unfortunately no industry standard for this format.
If you modified these commands over years, there’s not much can be done except you modify them anew in Cubase. I just thought importing the Logic standard might give you a more familiar basis to start with.

I too have a Contour Shuttlexpress, and can recommend them. I also have a custom cubendo keyboard with all the important Keycommands labelled and colour coded - also a great boon if you can find one.


Transport- To Left Locator
Transport- Start
Transport- Start/Stop

Now go to your top key commands and find the MACRO category then assign a key to that Macro you just created
For instance, I just assigned the Macro to the ESC key. When I hit it it locates to left locator and starts playback, when I hit the space bar playback stops, space bar toggles as well start and stop. That will do it all with one key stroke.

If TWO keystrokes arent too bad you can hit the NUMBER 1 on the keypad then the space bar as well

works here


That is exactly what I was trying to set up. I set my the Macro on the Enter key and B key and efficiency may now be had!!

There is so much editing involved in just a 2-bar phrase sometimes that you have to be able to playback constantly from the same spot, but without looping. This is the function that best supports such tasks.

Thanks for the set-up instructions.

Your welcome, glad it works