Macro Knobs, Multi track Midiloops, Folder Presets

My 3 main feature requests are:

Macro Knobs! - Even a “Global Quick Controls” section would work in which Quick Control 1 from each track assigns to “Global 1”. This would allow us to assign the Filter Cutoff from 3 tracks to Quick Control 1, and then only have to worry about automating “Global 1”.

Multi Track Midiloops - Saving Midiloops in the Media Bay is great for finding some track presets in context, but would be even better if we could have multiple tracks saved as the one midiloop. This would allow us to hear our layered sounds in the Media bay and also drag them into a project, pre layered and pre mixed!

Folder Presets - This is pretty much solved with the multi track midiloops suggestion, but in the case where that isn’t implemented. I would like to see Folder Track Presets! I know we have Track Archives at the minute, which is sort of the same. But I like to keep things organised in my Media Bay.