Macro launchpad window.

I would love a window where macros could be launched easily using onscreen buttons. There aren’t really enough keys on a computer keyboard, and a launchpad window would be great for using macros without using (or having to remember) keyboard shortcuts.



My brain is full of key commands and I am supposed to be doing music.


+1 please. This would be a great feature. Also to have customisable buttons on the toolbar. Problem at the moment is that I have a fair few macros which are assigned to key commands but I use them infrequently and I can’t remember the key commands… Buttons on a panel would be very useful.


I think this would be a great feature. I wonder why this post doesn’t get more +1s.

This is one request I have made a few times. I use iC pro for that right now.


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Gets my vote…


On OS X, Keyboard Maestro does that and a lot more. I’ve posted an example here: A tip for Mac users: Keyboard Maestro - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

All that is needed is to port the macro section of Cubase iC Pro to Cubase. I was going to buy the app just for the macros thing but then my friend told me he tried it on several networks and it is not useable.

For macros only on an iPad,instead of iC try Actions, it can remotely launch any Key Command and has a very clean interface, and is not limited to Cubase. Not to mention cheaper.