macro lowest tone

hey cubase friends,

here is a question for all the ple and logical editor knowers.
i built a macro that i can extract the lowest notes from a chord progression. which later will be paste into a existing track called bass.

so i select the midi part and then i press the keyshortcut from my macro. pls check below.

MACRO is called bass_note_from_chord

Transport - Locators to Selection
Transport - Go to Left Locator
Edit - Copy
Process - Project Logical Editor - select bass
Edit - Paste
Process- Logical Preset - extract_lowest_tone_fromChord

this works great but only with legato notes. but as soon as i have for example an arp rythm with chord progression it cant understand there
is a chord change happening. so nothing happend. nothing will be selected.

i also tried using “the lowest note” instead of “note number in chord”

this only works if every single midi part is an own chord. but as soon as i have more chord changes in one midi part it will
choose of course only the lowest of them.

is there someone who as any ideas how to solve this.
thx in advance

The LE is quite literal about what it sees as a chord and can process. Basically the notes need to be stacked on top of each other all playing at the same time in order to be ID’d as a chord. So an arpeggiated chord is seen as a series of notes and not a chord.

sorry for late my late reply raino.
thx for your message and letting me know.
have great evening.
greez from vienna