Macro Mania - Post 'em here!


What do folks think about having one location for people to post their favorite Macros and share with the community? Some of us are Macro Mavens, others are newbies, but having some cool macros in one place might be pretty cool for all of us.

Good idea maybe, or …?

PS: This could include Project Logical Editor (PLE) macros as well!

Copy/Paste a Portion of an Audio Clip (without actual cutting/splitting the audio itself)

I’ll start it off - here’s one for copying and pasting a portion of an audio clip without actual cutting/splitting the track itself (which I wanted to avoid because invariably I would forget to glue them back together and then wonder why things went awry later). So I am happy enough!

Step 1 - set the locators to the portion of the audio clip you’d like to copy/paste
Step 2 - Open up a range of any start/stop time at all somewhere between the locators. It can be any length at all, just so long as it’s between the two locators.
Step 3 - Macro A
Step 4 - Macro B

Done! Now I can move the cursor anywhere in the project, and paste the portion of the track between locators.

Macro A (I’ve assigned CTRL-L)

  • Transport - To Left Locator
  • Edit - Left Selection Side to Cursor

Macro B (I’ve assigned CTRL-R)

  • Transport - To Right Locator
  • Edit - Right Selection Side to Cursor
  • Edit - Split Range
  • Edit - Copy

Show selected audio file in Explorer:

  1. Audio - find selection in pool
  2. media - show in explorer

assing your key, and when u press it explorer shows u contain folder with that sample and select it

Export Selected Channels

  • File - Export Audio Mixdown
  • Audio Export - Sync Channel Selection with Mixer

This opens Export Audio Mixdown dialog. Selected channels are checked automatically in Channel Selection of the dialog.

Thanks djgraver and Accel0001, those are great ones!

Here’s a handy one from stingray, for splitting out and muting an event:

Transport - Go to Left Locator
Edit - Split at Cursor
Transport - Go to Right Locator
Edit - Split at Cursor
Navigate - Left
Edit - Mute Events

Thanks guys … keep 'em coming!

hi. 2 macros
a macro to mute selection on event with the range selection tool.
best works if,“track selection follows event selection” is enabled under preferences ->editing
if not ,user have to select the track manually where the events needed to be mute (to work properly)
(didn’t find other solution for automatic track selection,further improvements are welcome)

a simple macro to split selection with range selection tool,select the event,and switch to “select tool” for fast editing( event volume etc…)

EDIT: i did those macros on Nuendo 7, in cubase 9 there is little difference in command name.(just made the macros in my cubase9 setup)
instead of “Locate selection”,in cubase the command is"locate selection start"

if i understood what you meant, its can be achieved without macros !)) just use the range selection tool, copy and paste elsewhere, the audio/midi event copied from won’t be splitted.

Hi mozizo, thanks for looking at that!

It’s been a while since I set this up, but iirc the Macro doesn’t split the source audio itself (the source audio is left untouched), it’s the range that is being split. It looks like you’re saying that the 3rd command in Macro B isn’t necessary (“Edit - Split Range”), I can’t remember why I put that in there, but if it’s just an uneccesary step, that would be cool!

The main reason I wrote the macro is to have the part of the audio to be copied by the range to exactly match the locators. I got frustrated matching them up “by hand” (zooming in maximally to line them up), and this was the best I could come up with!

Please keep the Macros coming … improvements on this one or others, or even better yet, brand new ones!


hi alexis…
just wanted to mention that range selection tool can copy a “selection” of event/clip without splitting it regardless of locators position.
but your macro i guess copies when you want to use the locators position , so cool to have it ! :wink:

Just have made a macros for piling up sounds separated by silence. I wanted to get rid of tedious work and spend more time for creativity) It is useful for doors, shots, blasts to collect them together.

  1. Channel and track visibility - agents: show tracks with selected events ( making visible only selected events)
  2. Audio - detect silence
  3. Transport - locate selection start
  4. Transport - locate next event
  5. Transport - nudge cursor right ( maybe several times here for making space between events)
  6. Edit - select from cursor to end.
  7. Edit - move to cursor.
    And repeat from 4 to 7 as many times as you wish. I made 30)
    And after all 4-7 cycles -
  8. Channel and track visibility - agents: show all channels/tracks.

If you select multiple events don’t forget to check “process all selected events” in detect silence window.
And one another thing: there must be no event after theese events you want to act.

Hoping to resurrect this thread as the introduction of Metagrid to my studio setup has gotten me thoroughly into my macros!

Here’s one I use daily - bounce selection, open lower editor, apply variaudio, then select all notes and zoom to selection in the editor view, so you can instantly see the whole thing and start editing.

Anyone know how to get rid of the ‘replace events?’ prompt so bouncing in place happens smoothly? I know you can probably do it via autohotkey or something similar - but I run two different screens of vastly different resolutions, and have had nothing but issues with those programs.

bounce and apply variaudio macro.png