Macro Mono->Stereo

I have some trouble fining the right commands for a specific Macro I want to build.

So here is the task:

I have two tracks with a stereo-clip split (one track left, one track right signal).
I want to merge the clips, because I prefer to work with stereo-clips over split mono events wherever possible. It is important though, to keep the two tracks untouched (other events on it).
So my workflow is as following:

  • add 2 mono-tracks
  • cut the split clips and paste to the 2 new monotracks
  • merge the two mono-tracks
  • cut the merged clips and paste on one of the original tracks as stereo-clip
  • delete the now merged stereo-track

Is it possible to do all this with one macro? I am struggeling with the track selection after adding the tracks and cutting.
Anyone done this?


How about something like:

Duplicate tracks
Visibility - Show Only selected tracks
Select All
Split Loop
Select in Loop
Invert selection
PLE - Select All audio tracks
Convert tracks / Mono to Multi Channel (Delete Source Tracks)
Visibility - Show All tracks

I don’t understand. Why would you want to paste the stereo event onto a mono track?

Thanks for the suggestion,
problem being, the original Tracks are Stereotracks with mono clips in it.
its not a problem to have mono clips on stereo tracks, but the other way around won´t work. So all my tracks are stereo, but sometimes filled with mono clips.
So duplicate tracks won´t work here unfortunately.

I’m not 100% sure I understand your issue from your description but it sounds like you have a stereo track with mixed mono/stereo events and you want to make them all stereo?

In this instance I’d just select all the mono events, find selected in pool, convert to interleaved and replace the originals.

What stops you duplicating the stereo tracks and then splitting the stereo tracks to mono tracks before proceeding?

I’m not sure I can help any further because your precise workflow is not clear from the information above.

Not sure I understand all this.
We have a function in Nuendo to merge mono to any config and vice versa.
What’s wrong with that?


Hi Fredo.
I had a visit from Thierry not long ago, nice chap.

Well you counter question is easy to answer at least.
You can’t merge or split tracks that have audio events on them that is different to the track standard. So there is no direct way to split or merge the OPs files within Nuendo without quite some hassle.
One of the reasons I really would like to see event based split/merge directly in the timeline as well.

I still don’t understand what people are talking about… I mean… I already knew I was an idiot, but still… I don’t get it…

No worries Lydiot…you are not alone.
If I understand OP’s query correctly ( ?? );
*duplicate dual mono L + R.
*delete sections that he wants to keep untouched from duplicate
*convert remaining to stereo
*remove unwanted portions on tracks.

:confused: :confused:

Which Thierry do you mean?
I know a lot of Thierry’s in the business …

You can’t merge or split tracks that have audio events on them that is different to the track standard. So there is no direct way to split or merge the OPs files within Nuendo without quite some hassle.

Don’t want to sound inpolite, but if the originla session is a mess, then there will be cleanup work to do, no matter how you handle that cleanup work. And that is an issue which is not related to evelove to a clip-based DAW.
(In my opinion …)


Don’t worry about sounding impolite to me :wink:
My comments were in relation to the OP issue. And I found it a bit fascinating.
And yes with a messy source you need to do some housekeeping. I think we still could get a bit more help from the program in this regard.

Thierry is (if I git it right) a friend of your freelancer Thomas, Thierry de Vries?
Thierry is a common Name in Belgium?

Yeah; of course I know Thierry. From A-Sound.
He’s one of the best in his line of work, and most definately the best in Belgium.
Just a bit confusing that he comes up in this thread.
WTF was he doing at your place without talking to me first!?
That’ll cost him a few beers.
Let’s take this onversation offnine. Way OT here.


ok… maybe to make myself more clear:

Timeline looks like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-04 um 12.38.48.png
then I add 2 Mono Tracks and copy the mono Files down:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-04 um 12.39.17.png
I merge the Tracks:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-04 um 12.47.25.png

and copy the new Stereo Clip on one of the Stereotracks and delete the new Stereotrack:
Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-04 um 12.48.07.png
Maybe someone got a better workflow for achieving this… (other than Clean-up before you start)

I think this is as good as it gets.
Even if Nuendo would have the merge/split function based on objects, you would haev to do pretty much of the same cleanup. If there are many of these situations, then this procedure might be even faster.
(Move all mono files to dedicated tracks and merge them all in one go)

So your problem is that the project needs cleanup, and that will always require some manual labor.


hm ok…
a shortcut for “move selected clip one track down/up” would help :wink:

Agree manual labour would usually be the way to go.

But you could still do this with a macro as follows:

Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Show Only Selected Channels/Tracks
Edit - Cut
Add Track - Audio Mono
Add Track - Audio Mono
Navigate - Add Up
Edit - Paste at Origin
Audio - Convert Tracks: Mono to Multi Channel (Delete Source Tracks)
Navigate - Bottom
Edit - Select All on Tracks
Edit -Cut
Navigate - Up
Edit - Paste at Origin
Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Show All Channels/Tracks


  • Select both stereo tracks
  • Select all mono audio events you want to convert

If you don’t do this it won’t work