Macro not working - again

I have defined a macro with the following steps:
Show lanes
Select next track (which moves the selection to the first lane)
Solo selected lane
Show lanes (which hides the lanes).

The individual commands do what they are supposed to do. but the macro does not work - obviously the “select next track” command is carried out before the show lanes command is processed, etc…
I experienced the same issue (macro commands not waiting for the completion of the preceeding command) and I must say this makes a ton of logically useful macros absolutely impossible to work.
So - first this is a major issue since it corrupts the macro idea.
Secondly: Does anyone have an idea how I coud create something that with a single keypress soloes the first lane of a track?
Thx, Ernst

No signature ,no info on the version your using ?

Oh, where is my signature gone? Was it not transferred from the old forum? What a …

I am on Win 10 Pro, Cubase 11 Pro latest update.