Macro Page designer crashed again

Ok, so I started working on a Macro page and as I tried to drop a control knob.png into “Properties-Bmp” (see attached)
it froze again.
This is something I have done countless times in the past few months , with no issues.
Less than 24 hours after installing 6.2 it has crashed my system 5 times.

Could it be an incompatability issue with the control knobs I’m using (created with KnobMan?)
It would be strange because I’ve been using the same controls for over six months without a problem.

Hi Paddy C,
can you provide me an example of your knobs that were created with Knobman and causes HALion to crash? And can you send me the HALion6.log file (path can be found in your screenshot) ?

If yes, please send it to

best regards