Macro page not working in HS SE

Hi guys, today I managed to create my first “Macro Page for Halion SE”. I simply added a knob for cutoff and a slider for resonance. On the Halion 6 macro page both elements work fine and change cutoff/resonance. I exported that Program “as Halion SE layer preset” and loaded it into HS SE. There I can see the knob + slider and tweak them, but they don’t change cutoff/resonance. They simply do nothing.

Is there something else I have to do to make those elements work in HS SE?


the program tree will probably have a different structure then the paths defined in the value boxes.
the initial steps with H6 are steep in the beginning in terms of a learning curve, but once you dig it it is in factu quite easy, but you will need to understand the relation between the tree, the naming within the tree, and what has to be defined in the value boxes and the GUI box.

the easiest way to go is to start with one program/layer/zone and keep those names like that.
the next thing is to start making the macro at the program level
then add your elements and connect them

if it is well coded if you see in the value field something like: “zone.filter.cutoff” or “zone.filter.resonance”.
It you see something like @id:a0001a, then the program is not referencing correctly to the zone.
Connections with a zone are made at the zone level!

Once you have your experiment ready to be exported as a layer, then you export the program level (where the macro sits) to a halion sonic layer.

hope it helps a bit, but looking at the creations made by steinberg and others give you a big help.

good references also are:
not very active for the moment, but probably will evolve. It’s more oriented for the SDK part of plugins, but still some usefull info there.

hope it helps a bit
kind regards,

I didn’t get any Macro page to work in Halion Sonic3! How did you managed it?

I’ve just created a simple Halion Sonic macro page program in Halion 6 with just one slider. Then I’ve exported it as a “Halion Sonic SE Layer Preset”. Import it into Halion Sonic 3, by dragging it from the windows file manager to an empty slot. But I didn’t see the macro page, just a blank space. What am I doing wrong here? All Halion programs are updated to the latest releases.

Hi Svengali.

You need to create macro page at the program level.

From your picture it looks like you created macro page for Layer 1. But you exported the program (Program 2).
So what happened is that the macro page is there, just not accessible from Halion Sonic or HSSE.

To fix this either create a macro page for the program and do the export as HSSE layer, or select the layer (Layer 1) in program tree and export that as HSSE layer preset.

Thank you misohoza! It works now! :smiley: