Macro performes incorrect when started from Generic Remote

Hi. I have a macro like this:

Transport - Locate Selection Strart
Edit - Copy
PLE - “Select Marker track with certain name 1”
Edit - Paste
PLE - “Select Marker track with certain name 2”
Edit - Select Events under Cursor
Navigate - Right
Transport - Locate selection Start

It runs perfectly by keyboard shortcut. But when I run it from Generic Remote with my hardware controller button which sends midi command it runs incorrect. Some investigation into this issue helped me understand that problem is in double PLE command. It works ok in GR while I have only one PLE in this macro. As soon as I insert second PLE - neither of these PLE’s worked anymore, i.e. all commands in the macro run exept both PLE’s . Again, it runs with no issues with both PLE’s by keyboard shortcut. Anyone knows what is this mistery? A bug of Generic Remote? Can someone check it to be sure it’s the “double PLE in GR issue”?