Macro - Pitch Shift + 12 Semitones?

I’m wondering whether its possible to set up a macro for audio/plugin processes which recall the state of the plugin or process?

So for example

audio process + 12 semitones
audio process - 12 semitones

This was quite simple with window configs in protools…



Hi there,

If you’re talking midi, there is a command for this in the logical editor, I use it often I have key command set up for it

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No Im talking audio…thanks anyway.

Does Cubase have batch processing?
Top menu Audio>batch processing.

If yes, then you can, it’s a tad clunky but extremely useful to be able to recall any type of processing combination.

Yes to be able to do this it has to consist of two stages example, gain @0db (no change) and then a pitch down process of -12 semitones. It is not possible to store just a single process this way.

Or two other processes gain and eq, or many perhaps eq,reverb,filter, chorus,delay.
You can save and name it and reuse it at will.

Personally I use it a lot to be able to recall processing often used reverb settings so I don’t have to think about presets in certain situations. Don’t ask why, I’m in post not mainly music.
And yes I’m a Nuendian straddling the Cubase part of the forum so if batch processing is not in Cubase then I dont think so.

Thanks. Guess no batch in cubase.