Macro possible?

Hi guys,

I need your help if possible.

I’m searching for a macro that I can’t find.

When I mix, I only use one channel trip plugin. Always the same on each channel.
I would like that plugin to be displayed on screen every time I select a new channel in Cubase Pro 9, and by the same time closing the previous one.

For example, when I select my kick drum channel, I would like to see my VST channels trip on screen without having to click on the insert slot.
Is it possible to create a macro for that?



Are you using the channel strip or a 3rd party plugin?

I use UAD Api Vision Channel strip.

You could potentially do it with GR, but it would be a PITA. I have regularly feature requested this functionality. Keep fingers crossed that it happens someday.

What GR means??

Generic Remote.

Thx. I already use a controller for my channelstrip pots and fader but I still need to click on insert button to display the plugin(s). Its the only Things where I still need the mouse. I wish I could mix without touching the mouse cause I can control everything except that.
Sorry for my english.

no problem with the language … you’re better at english than I am at italian … Lasagna is about as Italian as I get.

Anyhow, if you are adventurous, the Generic remote interface will allow you to do what you are talking about. But, it is a pain to set up and easy to break once you get it working.

I’m am totally in agreement with you about the mouse. I have really bad tendonitis in my hands and the mouse just kills me. I’ve seriously been begging for this feature for years.