Macro problem.

Hi, I’m trying to make a macro to open the sample editor and pitch and warp a selected audio file, just cannot get it to happen, can’t find a command to open the sample editor for starters,… :confused: :confused: :confused:
any advice would be much appreciated… :slight_smile:

Edit - Open/Close Editors
Sample Editor - Reanalyze Audio

Thank you so, so much my friend…would never have found it…never!!!
got any macros.= (and how to implement them) anywhere?

Excuse me, what do you mean? (English is not my native language :confused: )

Oh sorry…just wondering what macros you are using, and if you would explain how they are made…

Mostly I’m using Cubase Macros in conjunction with AutoHotkey, for example one of them lets me add new Instrument track with HalionSonic loaded.

In fact it’s pretty easy to make a macro. First you have to read whole list of Key commands to know what you can do and then just pick up appropriate commands according to your needs.