Macro problems/bugs

hi guys,
I’m trying to make some macros and I’ve found some problems(cubase 9 pro)

1.“re-take” function should be really easy to make:
transport - stop
transport - stop
(edit-delete ~ if you want)
transport - record

but it wont record…
something about the timing of the macro with the stop/play/record functions is not working…
after 3 days of trail and error, trying different combinations to see what they’ll do…
(resulting in all kinds of crashes and errors). the only thing that worked for me is:
transport - restart from last stop position
transport - set punch in to project cursor position

!! “punch in” has to be activated !! (shortcut - " i ")

  1. as you all may know, with macros its nearly impossible to choose preset/change “focus”/open inserts/adding a specific plug-in to inserts/write words for promotion dialog/
    can you make a macro that will open “inserts”, add a compressor/whatever and open its GUI?

  2. the only alternative I’ve found is “process plug-ins”(it “renders” through the plugin/process it offline)
    BUT!! when making macros that uses process plug-in, that specific command is erased after closing cubase down.
    so if I made:

edit - duplicate
edit - convert to real copy
process plug-in - REVelation
process - reverse

it’ll work fine, until I restart cubase and then I’ll have:

edit - duplicate
edit - convert to real copy
process - reverse

3.5) even if I store the KeyCommand preset after I make the macro, cubase will open it without the process plug-ins, unless I’ll choose that preset manually