Macro question

So I’ve set up a macro for audio processing that includes a Cubase plugin and a Fabfilter plugin. However after I close Cubase and re open Cubase…the Fabfilter plugin is no longer included in the macro.

Do macros not remember any plugin that’s not a Cubase plugin?

I couldn’t get a Macro to retain any Cubase plugin I tried either, though I’m not sure I fully understand how this command should/could be used in a macro. It will only open the plug for offline processing as far as I can see. How would you get it to actually process

NB: I also tried C8.5 which was the same.


Could you share the Macro, please? I mean the steps…

Hi Martin,
Here is a video showing the 3rd party plugin not associated with the macro after restarting Cubase. :slight_smile: