Macro quick controls


I am trying to achieve is: (please , if you know of a way to do this, please help me out, as it has eluded my mind this morning…)

  • if there is no easy “one knob” solution please consider “Macro Quick controls”

What do Macro Quick Controls do?

Example: One can assign one knob (value 0-127) to simultaneously contol 20%-40% on a cutoff, 0%-30% of reverb A, center to 20% left pan and volume fader 0db- -5db.

Quite simply put: many controls and values become one. (Knob or fader or whatever)

Ok, what i am trying to achieve this morning (if you can help me out with some ideas):

One knob - value 0 = no reverb, no space, dry signal … Value 25= 25% wet and a distance of 25X in the space… Value 50 = 35%wet and 50 distance units in space … Etc.etc. , value 100 = 100% wet and the furthest away…
(Maybe throw in some dynamic hipass values to;) )

…so basically, 3 controls with X relationship to eachother and their max values all in one control.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!:slight_smile:

here is what it could look like:
(either static in the inspector menu or as a separate cubase stock midi plugin)

Low/High values: the low and high values of operation
Solo: only that control active
Learn : Press learn, twiddle knob , move fader , whatever.,. done.
Dry/wet: Proportionate to Hi/Low values ( like key editor velocity compression )
All Dry Wet: same as dry/wet but for the whole macro

(maybe add a little + symbol so one is not limited to 4 controls - but, can expand ad infinitum)

p.s.thx@bluemeow i took some of your gfx, obviously :stuck_out_tongue: