Macro / Sampler / Multiband Vst Effects Splitter per Freq.

Some more suggestions that I believe will solve a lot of producing time : )))

Macro - Key Commands
Please add in the macro / key commands page,
the ability to choose a specific “preset” on VST Effects & Cubase audio functions.
Like that with one click can have a row of commands without the need to choose the preset and press enter of each chained effect individually.
*Also leave the feature as it is for people that they don’t mind to do that and spend time.

New Sampler

  • Modulation
    Add some lfo / step seq. and matrix modulation functions to be more complete.
    (Ok Automation is there already but let it be more now-days sampler)
  • AudioWarp - More Algorithms, please.
    *As someone said if you move any sample into G.Agent you have more available functions.

Multiband VST Inserts Effects Splitter (per Frequency Band)
Like MXXX Plugin from MeldaProduction,
some Multiband freq. divider to use individual plugins per freq. band.

+1 for “Multiband Vst Effects Splitter per Freq.” Something like the “Splitter” of Presonus Studio one. Very handy e.g. for widen stereo field without messing up the bass.