Macro & Script

Where is the Macro & Script documentation. There are things that I do that are very repetitious and I would like to explore these options. I’m not really finding much on how they work. There are few examples of using scripts to add lyrics to the piece. Not much more. Is there a scripting language?
Do I record a process and then tweak the macro? Anyone know of a more compete source of information.

Thank you

There is at present no documentation for the current scripting capabilities of Dorico, because they are embryonic and are very likely to change. It’s certainly possible to create some workable and useful scripts using the macro recording capabilities that exist today, but there’s nothing more sophisticated that’s possible at the moment.

Got it. I’ll keep my eye on it and see where it goes. Thank you.

I can’t wait to have at least an embryonic reference about scripting! Dorico is already very powerfull, but to tailor it with advanced macros would be a breeze!

From what I understand, until the Dorico Team are certain how parts of their underlying structure will connect to scripting, they have been reluctant to offer scripting that users might have to change if some part(s) of Dorico’s back end changes to allow greater flexibility and new features in the future.

And since programming changes are like trying to throw a pebble into a pond without causing ripples (seen or unseen), no programming change “is a breeze.”

I think he’s saying that his process of using scripting to make macros would be a breeze, once they’re available.

AHK for Windows and KM for Mac, combined with some menu shortcuts, can get you a good portion of the way there. Also, you can use the “record” function to capture some functions.