Macro subforum in Cubase/Nuendo section ?

Possible, question like this was before, didn’t find it. anyway.

Always when i want know something about Macro, or serching for possible macro’s… I’m always spending time to searching & searching & searching…
When someone posting good macros, in every Cubase/Nuedno version subforum, topic’s with this macros just goes down, and 1-2 weeks everyone forget it.

after that, possiblt to creat individual subforum to focus only on Macros & PLE ?


I’m not sure a whole sub-form is needed. I’ve been thinking about this issue lately, however.

In the past there have been some good threads under “tips and tricks” and within those, you can find some helpful advice. Problem is that a lot of those are now out of date. But, “tips and tricks” is too general.

What I had in mind was an attempt to keep similar topics together. Many users have questions on the same topic and post in numerous threads, thus things can become very scattered.

What I suggest is that you start a new thread and call it something like “The Macros Thread” We could then establish more focus on specific topics.

So, while I don’t think a whole subsection for just Macros is needed, a good thread on Just Macros would be a good idea.

I have a few topics I’d like to see a focused thread on. Of course, anyone can still post their individual questions per normal, but with threads that stick to one topic and it might help us improve our skills and learn new things, or avoid traps. Take care.

Excellent idea to have a macro focused section. Or we could start a macros thread and ask the mods to make it a sticky…

This is a good idea but I think the topic should be expanded a bit to include Logical Editor presets in addition to Macros. I’ve found that some of the Macros I use the most are used to execute multiple LE presets sequentially.

Here’s one started already …

Macro Mania!!


1 topic for Macros & PLE not enough, there will be chaos. because of alot of disscussion inside.

look at attachments, we need something similliar, where we can ask or make many topic’s. Different task Macros & PLE.


Thanks, but I see below that there is a Macros Thread. I’d not tagged it, but I’ll use that for posting about creation and usage of Macros or Logical Editor tasks and would suggest that be used in the absence of a sub-forum as the OP suggests. Even while there might be a bit of chaos within that Thread, I think it would be better to have a thread focused on the the LE/Macros rather than 200 different posts. Anyway, let’s see how it goes. :slight_smile:

The SB guys might go for a new subforum, I mean, if you look at the last 10 years’ activity you’ll see how often they add subforums and change things around. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as having one thread for it, having many posts in one thread doesn’t work well imo. There have been several attempts through the years that got locked when the software moves to newer versions and the forum is updated, or the OP stops coming to the forum so the thread stops getting updated. Or, the thread goes inactive and gets lost down the hole of inactivity- to page 200 of the forum, and also, who will maintain it?

It’s better to post a single macro, LE or PLE preset to a single topic, and and put: [macro] or [PLE] or somesuch in the subject. This way it can be found by people who search for it after the OP has gone to the forum in the sky.

Also use Google to search the forum instead of the phpBB search box, much better results and no “too common” words.

I see. Thanks Steve. I like your suggestion and will go with that. I see the logic and, as has been pointed out by others, the Forums’ search function is probably the best way to find posts on particular Topics. I could see a sub-forum called “Cubase Scholars” (TIC :wink: ) where some might post their advanced macros and techniques and newer users could ask the Scholars questions.

After hearing from SteveinChicago about this, I think it is probably better to try to be clear in the topic so the search function can find answers or locate posts that may wind up way down the list yet answer or ask a specific question. If a particular topic becomes more expanded the search will pick-up relevant terms. Things were getting a bit scatter shot with lots of people asking the same question. I guess that’s to be expected, and there really is no better way to deal with the traffic. I search before I post and use of the search function should perhaps be promoted more for new users. I’ve been able locate many answers or ideas from surfing over the forums. If there was to be a new sub-forum I’d like it to be named “Advanced Techniques,” “Cubase Scholars.” :sunglasses: :wink: or something like that for delving into the details. Anyway, so it goes. Take care for now.

actually, Idea about macro & PLE subforum, come from searching macros by forum or google… .
because, if i find specific Topic, there most of time 70% explaining why macro not working for someone…

agree. noone need “Macro museum” :smiley: , but macro library with updaded macros will be cool :slight_smile: