Macro to copy event to new location and original deletes automatically?

Hi all, when recording I will often record a ton of takes that get stacked nicely in lanes (all good there!) - however, I often want to select certain takes from certain lanes and have them pasted to another track (also all good there) - but after pasting I still have to go back to the original lanes and delete them at their point of origin.

Can one create a command that upon successfully pasting an event to another location, deletes the event at its point of origin (point from which is was copied)? I am fairly new to the world of macros and the logical editor but would this be possible to set up?

Would be awesome if this is possible!!

Thanks for all your tips and suggestions!!

Doesn’t cut and paste work?

Thanks for your reply!

Tbh I really don’t know!? I have never tried stuff like this out - could you advise on a potential logical editor patch? :raised_hands:

*Yes, command C, then command X and then command V do work - but can I make this one keystroke?

Why cmd+C? You just need cmd+x then cmd+v

Try it out then reply

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You don’t need Cmd+C, this is part of Cmd+X. Yes, you can make Macro out of it.

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Thanks both Steve and Martin- I ended up making a macro - but both approaches work!