macro to copy/insert in project

Anyone have a macro which will… when a single selection on the timeline is selected…

  1. cut all tracks at the left/right locators
  2. copy all tracks between the left/right locators
  3. insert the equivalent blank space at start of selection
  4. paste all tracks into the blank space created

what i’ve got, which kind of works is:
transport - locators to selection
transport - locate selection
edit - split loop
edit -select in loop
edit - insert silence
edit - paste

however, all the tracks get shifted down , that is they don’t remain in their original track positions and so i have to manually drag them back to their positions. seems to get messed up when the selection has audio and midi.

any help much appreciated.


Have you tried this with the range tool active?

Thanks for the reply.

The range tool doesn’t help, but you gave me another idea and i’ve found a way to get it to work pretty consistently.

I just need to make sure the along with making a selection on the timeline, I also select the same track in the tracklist/inspector. The macro above then works fine.

Is there a way to make Cubase snap the tracklist/inspector when a selection is made on the timeline? A key command for this?

Editing: “Track Selection Follows Event selection”

When I need to move/copy whole sections of a song around, including automation, I set the locators then do:

Edit -> Range -> Cut Time (to move)
Edit -> Range -> Global Copy (to copy)

followed by

Edit->Range->Paste Time (which pastes at cursor position)

I find this easier and less error prone than using the range tool.

@ steve and oldfecker

many thanks