Macro to Create and Name New Tracks

I want to create a macro that can create and name drum tracks, so that it is easy for me to import and organise the audio files for a drum tracking session into an existing project. The macro would look something like this:

Create and Name Tracks x 12: Kick Inside, Kick Outside, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Overheads Left, Overheads Right etc.
Create Sub-groups for Kick, Snare, and Overheads
Route Subgroups and other drum tracks to an All Drums Group
Route All Drums Group to Master Bus
Import audio tracks

Any advice on how to do this would be much appreciated. I am also using an SSL UF8, which can create channel naming macros, but I can’t find a key command in Cubase for naming a new track, which I would need to add first to the UF8 macro.


Isn’t it better to use the Project Template?

Hi, yes it probably would be best for future projects to create a template. But I have recorded an album in my home studio, and tracked the drums in a different studio. I want to keep my current mixes, so don’t really want to export the tracks to a new project/template…

I’ve since found it these days easier to Import from Project a set of tracks from a template or other song with a similar setup inc Groups.

However I would like to see DAWs getting clever and listening to user habits, naming habits, track creation habits and finding a way to at that stage create sets of tracks and inputs based on past use. Cutting out repetitive tasks where possible.

Ahh…so I could create a template project with the appropriate drum tracks and routing, then use the File/Import/Tracks From Project function to add the tracks to my current project?


Yes, in this case, I would go for the Import Tracks From Project.