Macro to Export Every Ind. Midi Track in a Project?

Hi all,

Was wondering if it is possible to create a macro that will export every midi track I have as a seperate audio file.

I use midi to control my multi timbral vsti

I’d like to setup a macro that will just go down the list and export every track. Is this possible?

I know that ‘batch export’ exists, but this still requires me to setup groups. I’d like to just export any midi or vsti track with data on it.



I cannot imagine such a Macro by using Cubase only.

Look into MEAP. Worked great for me. But not sure if it was updated for Christmas base 8.5

I dl’d it. However, I seem to be having problems with it. That’s why I was hoping cubase could do it natively. I guess not!


It is a little rough to get it working (for example, I had to turn all colors off for my tracks), but on big project it really saves time. What problems are you having?

Meap doesn’t seem to want to move down to the next track, so it gets stuck in an endless loop bouncing the same channel over again.

Did you write Phil? He usually responds pretty promptly. I’m just not sure it’s been updated to work with Cubase 8. You might try the Solo button icon fix (which he mentions on his site). Or maybe remove all the colors of your tracks like I had to do. Also, I made sure my tracks were all the same height and names were clearly legible. And transport has to be showing.

If you can’t get it to work, it might be worth making a template with groups that you use :-/