Macro to Select Next Arranger Event, then Alt-P loop it?

I’m setting up my new Midi Remote Mapping while working in Arranger tracks.

I want to setup a macro that will:

Go to the next Arranger Event (this I can do already)

Select and Loop that event. (Currently only way I know if is mouse-clicking the arranger event and hitting Alt-P, but I want this to be done in a key command so I can use it in a macro).

Any help greatly appreciated, something like this will be an incredible workflow feature for me when I’m not sitting directly in front of the computer.


How do you do this, please?

The selection is very often problematic. You can use arrows (Navigate Left/Right) to select the events, but it’s not safe, because you don’t know the starting point. Or you can enable the Auto Select Events under Cursor options in the Preferences.

Transport > Locators to Selection command.

That’s easy if you switch off Arranger mode. Just use Navigate Left / Right and then Transport / Loop Selection.

But I suspect that you may want to do this on the fly during playback with Arranger mode active and no interruption in the playback. In this case, consider using Arranger / Trigger Arranger Event 1 - 20. The advantage of this is you get infinite loop playback on the triggered event and playback of a newly triggered event waits until the repeat of the current event is complete (in other words you stay in time).