MACRO - UNDO recorded track or Delete recorded track completely


I’d like to have a simple macro for one button under my generic remote.

My plan is to (let’s say) record a guitar track …

So I am recording… and now I hear it was just bad, so I wanna delete the track completely. No having other versions etc.

so here goes my command (macro) I wish to be all performed by single button on my generic remote

STOP (current recording) - with automatic rewind to previous positon (which is set be default in cubase/nuendo)
CTRL-Z record (which is not saving any data to the pool then. And not taking any space in my folder)
START (play, and record the guitar track again)

but the problem is, CTRL Z is not possible under macros. So, how do I create macro for Deleting currently recorded track /so it is not saved to my mediapool/

thx a lot.

There are many means to that end. Simplest is to just delete the newly recorded audio, its file goes to the trash in the pool. No additional command needed.

Later you can empty the pool trash.

Thank you Steve so much.

But as I said, I don’t like to use a mediapool or trash at all. I just wanna wipe the file completely, so it doesn’t take any space, and have not on my mind, that I should empty the trash later -

I think every basic user knows this routine with removing unused files, emptying trash etc. But I don’t need that at all.

All I wanna do is - by a single click start recording again, with no files, leftovers etc …

So - I am recording and I do that everytime when I do a bad take on my track

  1. hiting stop
  2. pressing ctrl+z
  3. space (play)
    • record again

But as I am holding any instrument, I don’t like to take care about this all. I just like to press one button on my GenericRemoter and go again with recording. So simple is this.

if you have any other idea, I welcome it … thx Steve.

Use the “Empty Trash” command in your macro. You’ll still have to hit okay on the dialog box that appears.

so simply said, it is NOT possible, to have that macro without taking care of anything - like just hit a SINGLE BUTTON. Not having any track in trash, not emptying trash, not hitting OK. Because to hit OK… means… hitting macro command, going to my keyboard, pressing enter, start … this is more complicated, than this three “clicks” combo I can perform manually.
Sad :frowning:

But thx Steve for you ideas …

btw… I completely don’t understand, why it is not possible to have macro for CTRL-Z … I am having it for far more complicated macros on other DAW’s. Even my photoshop can handle it in macro with history up to 1000 complicated events back in history. So simple thing, I just cant make keycommand ctrl-z to my macro.

Steve, would you recommend using re-record mode here? From the example wwwFINKcz provided, it seems like he should be doing that instead of using undo.

There’s still the issue of wwwFINKcz wanting to empty the trash silently, but I think the only solution to that is for him to learn to become comfortable having audio files in the trash :slight_smile:.

Yeah, that’s its purpose, but re-record still leaves the file in the pool trash. The amount of space bad takes take up must be minuscule compared to the rest of the project’s media storage size.

But some people must have a clean desk, even if it means to have no pencil. :wink:

LOL, you won the internet today :slight_smile:

Glenn, As I said, I know - all these options are using a trash :wink:)) And I am not comfortable with it :smiley:
and re-record, that is actually the same thing I wanna achieve with macro /not using a trash/, veeery nice feature, but again - with this extra step - to empty the trash again (with hitting ok).

Ok Guys, No solution for this :wink:)) Made me kinda sad. But one more thx for your very nice ideas and convicing me to use the trash and mediapool again :wink:)) But I don’t like it maybe for 15 years now. And I still don’t like, how the mediapool works. But that is another story.

Thank you

YEAH… that is me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !!! Agree :wink:))


Nektar P1 controller macros will take ctrl+z as a command