Macro with LE - Bug Report

Hi, so I have a Macro that contains 10 logical presets. Each logical preset moves each note in a chord slightly to the right to create a strum effect.

However the Macro has an issue since going to Cubase 12. What happens is the whole chord moves by a bar instead of each note just moving slightly.

I can fix this, by opening up the Key Commands windows, removing the 10th LP from the Macro and then adding it back in.

I have to do this each time I open up Cubase. @Steinberg, please fix =)

show us the macro and PLE presets so we can understand precisely what the bug is, if there’s a bug.

Hi Steve, thanks for the fast replay, here are screen shots of my LE and Macro.

I’m afraid you’ve come up against the “too fast macro commands” problem, like they are talking about in this topic and others.

You’ve basically found a kind of workaround, another might be to use two separate PLE preset commands, until some resolution to this problem is implemented.

I imagine it requires some non-trivial rewriting to parts of the program that are quite old in computer time terms. They are doing this step by step - my understanding is that getting rid of the dongle is one of the steps that will allow the devs to deal with thngs like this.

Interesting, well I’m glad they are working on it. And fortunately my work around only takes a minute to implement. I remember when Steinberg made a really big deal about ditching the dongle and I was very surprised at how much press they were putting behind it, (it never affected me personally). I guess it was a real hindrance to the Dev’s.

I’ll check out the post you linked too, maybe there are some other work arounds I can implement between now and the fix.

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