Macros are too slow

when executing my macros (especially visibility) cubase takes 4 to 5 seconds to complete. this is normal?? I do not think so. I have to check in C10 if the same thing happens.

any help or suggestion is welcome

How many tracks are in the project? What visibility commands are in macros?

Hi, and thanks for your time.

Because of my idea how I want to structure the mixture there will be many clues, you do not always use all, that is, those that I do not need eliminates them, or are disabled. NOTE: In the initial template there are about 95 tracks (in the test template there is no plugins, but it takes a lot, equally)

The macro

UPDATE: I just tried in Cubase 10.0.50 and it works as expected, smooth and no jams, what the hell is going on??? how from one version to another can the internal code or whatever become heavier and heavier?? It’s the first thing I’ll try when C12 comes out. If it’s not fixed, I’ll be happy to complain.