MACROS for Mixer Visibility


I was wondering if anyone knows how I can implement a MACROS to hide / show tracks in the mixer.

I have a folder with all of my GROUPS called “Main Groups” and I was wondering how I can make (if possible) a macro that hides in my MIXER CONSOLE all the other tracks, but shows the ones in that folder.

I tried with the Mixer visibility Settings, but the fact you cannot lock them (when I add any track it is added to all the MIXER CONFIGURATIONS) makes it a bit messy.

Thanks in advance!


You can make Project logical Editor preset:

Filter Target
( Container Type Is | Equal | Track | And
Media Type Is | Unequal | Group )

Action Target
Track Operation | Hide Track | Enable


This will hide all tracks but the Group tracks. If you sync the Project window with the MixConosle, you get what you ask for.

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This is awesome!